Many thanks to Nicole Conway, we have another identified image and two new additions to our collections!

Schell's Bakery

Featured in this image are Nicole's great-great aunt and uncle: Edward and Agnes, standing at the door to Shell's Bakery.  Schell's Bakery once had a location  at the Broadstreet Market.

Founder & Horse Drawn Carriage

This image is of the founder of Schell's Bakery, standing beside a horse-drawn carriage. These carriages were used by the bakery to make deliveries.

Schell's Baseball Team

Schell's Bakery also had a baseball team, captured in this photograph. This image consists of 13 members of the team, most of which were related.

The team members, from front to back, left to right:
  • Martin Dean
  • Unknown
  • Clifford Shearer
  • Edward Schell
  • Robert Schell
  • "Bubs" Hiler
  • Charles Hiler
  • Richard Schell
  • Richard Hammond
  • Edward Butler
  • Raymond Nicholas
  • Frank Schell
  • Eugene Smithers

Thank you for your contributions, Nicole! These images will be added to our Business and Industry Collection, as well as our Sports Collection.


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